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After Hurricane  Andrew, Miami-Dade County was devastated. Blue tarps replaced roofs all over the area. The best Miami roofing contractors were there to help.  Started in 1989, family owned and operated Miami Roofing mobilized their fully licensed and insured knowledgeable staff and worked day and night to save as many family homes and businesses as was humanly possible. Miami Roofing’s efforts and unparalleled knowledge of roofing systems, clearly kept many more millions of dollars, worth of damage from taking place.

Miami Roofing Company 305-459-3988We have grown, over the years to the financially stable, Florida State certified company known all over South Florida for honesty, reliability, commitment to excellence and complete customer satisfaction. If hiring the best Miami roofing contractors is important to you; look no farther than the highest rated roofing company in Miami – Miami Roofing. We have the certified roofers and roofing systems in place to meet any need. Our emergency roof repair team is on call to meet every roof crisis to your home or business.

Choose the best Miami roofing contractor who will answer all of your questions, conduct a complete roof analysis and give you a free estimate.  Remember your roof is a major investment, no matter what roofing systems your place has; hire a company that answers all of your questions and concerns and then gets to work, to protect your property, whether residential or commercial.
Storm damage aside roof replacement is one of the most significant upgrades you will ever do to your home. Gets it done right by employing the best Miami roofing contractors anywhere – Miami Roofing. Call 305-459-3988 today.

For expert roofers, roof repair and free roofing quotes in Miami,FL contact the Miami Roofing Company at (305) 459-3988.