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Is there anyone, on earth, who hasn’t heard of Miami Beach?  Miami Beach is a colorful and splashy, world class vacation, work and residential venue. And everything you could ever want is here. We enjoy miles and miles of beautiful beaches with many world class hotels, restaurants and clubs. Visitors come to Miami Beach, from all over the world and fall in love with our color and variety of architectural styles. There is nowhere else like it.

On the plane you can see the area’s communities laid out in orderly rows, but what strikes you is the roofing. From world-famous Art Deco architecture to renowned landmark hotels and private castles on sumptuous estates, you will find the widest and wildest diversity of roofing styles, materials and colors. We are the Miami Roofing Company and proud to be Miami Beach’s most sought after, roofing contractor. Contact us whether you have simple residential, commercial or industrial roofing repairs or replacement in any size or material. We give you a prompt and accurate estimate before we touch a single tile or shingle.

Our area’s pastel-hued buildings, filled with fantastic nightclubs and trendy boutiques, plus our family homes are a virtual palette of roofing colors. You also have to be aware of any community covenant concerning the type of roofing, color or style that is locally permitted. Our staff will check on any existing rules and regulations that may come to bear on your roofing project.

Miami Roofing Company is a custom roofing contractor, who installs and repairs residential, commercial and industrial roofs, throughout the Miami Beach area. We specialize in new construction, re-roofing and storm damage roofing repairs. Our roofers complete the entire roofing job including the fabrication and installation of rain gutters and sheet metal. That is just one of the reasons we have been the top Miami Beach roofing company, since 1989 when we first hung out our “shingle”. Did you know that besides clay and tile roofing we also specialize in roofing shingles?

We are a full service, fully licensed and insured Miami Beach roofing contractor with experience installing every roofing style and roofing material, legal to use in South Florida. One of our roofing experts will be happy to visit and discuss your needs and the latest in roofing advances available. We offer 24 hour emergency roofing services and repairs with experienced crews, which are highly trained to take care of your every roofing concern.
We install and repair any size or type of residential, commercial and industrial roof. We are also able to provide complete roofing inspection services for any roof or roofing project. Our mission is to provide professional roofing services to anyone who needs the very best in a top rated Miami Beach roofing contractor – Miami Roofing Company.

Whether you need a free estimate, or 24/7 emergency response, call 305-459-3988.

Miami Roofing Company offers rapid response in Miami Beach, Florida with the best roofers in the industry with the best prices and services. We have fully licensed roofers in the following zip codes to better serve you: 33019; 33119; 33139; 33140; 33141; 33154; 33239.


For expert roofers, roof repair and free roofing quotes in Miami,FL contact the Miami Roofing Company at (305) 459-3988.