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Are you worried that your South Florida roof is beyond repair? Are you losing sleep over the fact that the next hurricane that touches the Miami areas could completely destroy your roof? At Miami Roofing Company, we pride ourselves in our quality re-roofing and unbeatable prices. We have over 21 years of experience in re-roofing South Florida homes. No matter what the job, residential or commercial, our roofing professionals guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. No commercial buildings are too big for our re-roofing services. We prepare several re-roofing estimates on a weekly basis!

If you think your roof is beyond repair and require a re-roof job, just let us know.  We will conduct a free roofing inspection upon arrival. Our experts will gather information about your roof, and determine if it needs simple maintenance or rather a full roofing installation. Even after we present you with the diagnostics, you are still under no obligation!

Re-roofing a house is our specialty. We offer the most weather resilient roofs on the market to prevent storm damage. You can also choose from a variety of styles to fit your unique needs. At Miami Roofing Company, we recommend that you check out our brand new roofing material which makes your roof energy-efficient. Your home will have a fantastic new look while at the same time be prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings its way!

By selecting Miami Roofing Company, you are selecting the most reliable and affordable roofing company in the business. Our customers are raving about their new roofs, and you could be too. We have been serving Miami –Dade for over 25 years and we have also been recognized amongst the best roofers in South Florida, with all the qualifications required by the state.

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