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Miami Roofing Co. is your source for expert, quality roof restoration in Miami, FL.

If you are currently the owner of an older building, then your roof has most likely suffered some damage over the years. Because of time, and the South Florida weather, you may think that your roof is beyond repair. There are many roofing contractors in South Florida who will try to convince you that you need a completely new roof. However, here at Miami Roofing Company, we offer the best roof restorations in South Florida!

With the use of our thermoplastic roofing technology, we will have your residential or commercial roof renewed in no time. This one of a kind restoration system will give your roof a complete renewal, guaranteed. Thermoplastic roofing product success today is based on a history of product chemistry and application technology evolution that has passed the test of time. Thermoplastic materials were first identified as appropriate for use as roofing membranes in Europe during the 1960’s. Early formulations were based on PVC (polyvinyl chloride) polymers which were compounded with plasticizers for flexibility, stabilizers for UV resistance and dimensional stability, reinforcements for strength and dimensional stability, and pigments for aesthetic appeal. Today, many products are available which still contain these basic elements; others have been introduced which contain other ingredients, but which exhibit similar basic performance characteristics.

Our trained professionals will have your roof replacement installed in no time! By restoring your worn down roof, you will be extending its life by many, many years.

At Miami Roofing Company, we offer a free roofing inspection before we begin any renewal process. Our technicians will arrive at your building and conduct a very thorough dissection of your roof. After we present you with the diagnostics from the roof inspection, you are still under no obligation! With over 21 years of roofing experience, you can trust that our experts will undoubtedly provide you with the best option for your roof.

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