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Miami Roofing Company is the premier licensed and certified family owned and operated roofers in all of Miami. We hung out our “shingle” back in 1989 and have been faithfully serving the roofing needs of our South Florida customers ever since. We work with any roofing material and any style roof whether residential, commercial or industrial.

We were there when Hurricane Andrew devastated our town. We single handedly saved hundreds of homes from further damage and many millions of dollars in additional losses. Since those horrible days we have remained Miami-Dade’s most trusted name in licensed and certified roofers; voted best overall roofers twenty years in a row.

It isn’t really all about us; Miami Roofing Company would be nothing without our employees. Our staff is made up of the most up-to-date and highly trained master roofers in all of Florida. We are constantly training and keeping abreast of the latest techniques and material available to our industry. Quality workmanship, superior knowledge and the best materials make for the best roofs. Excellent licensed and certified roofers are hard to come by here, while fly-by-night ones are everywhere. Don’t be fooled. Miami Roofing Company is often imitated, but never equaled and all our work is guaranteed.

Whether you need a free estimate or an inspection 24/7 emergency response, call 305-459-3988 today.

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